Texas Music Teachers Association

About TMTA

The mission of the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA), an affiliate of Music Teachers National Association, is to advance the value of music study and music making in society and to support the professionalism of music teachers.   

TMTA is a nonprofit educational organization. Founded in 1886 and incorporated in 1927, it is dedicated to the promotion of high quality individual and group music instruction. Its membership includes around two thousand teachers in over sixty local organizations. All activities of the association are educational and promote the art of music.

TMTA members enjoy professional activities sponsored by local, state and national organizations.  These include the state and national conferences, both excellent opportunities for education and enrichment for members and students.

Student Affiliate is a program of the Texas Music Teachers Association, established June 14, 1951, to provide musical experiences beyond those usually available through private music instruction. Student Affiliate offers numerous activities for students, including competitions, examinations, and performance opportunities and provides recognition for achievement in various phases of musical education for grades one through the collegiate level.  All student activities of Student Affiliate are funded through the Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation, which was established in 1980.

The TMTA Archives are housed in The Texas Collection which is located in the historic Carroll Library building on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas, at the corner of 5th and Speight Streets.

Past Presidents and Conference Cities Charter Members
1886*J. Alleine Brown, Austin *Ainsworth, Mrs. S. M.Austin
1887*J. Alleine Brown, Austin *Allison, H. L.Caldwell
1888Cancelled *Anderson, Miss Jennie S.Gatesville
1889*J. Alleine Brown, Galveston *Avirett, Mrs. T. J.Rockdale
1890*J. Alleine Brown, Galveston *Barbie, N. A.Pilot Point
1891*J. Alleine Brown, Austin *Barnes, Mrs. C. W.Austin
1892Cancelled *Beach, Mrs. KatieWaco
1893*G. H. Rowe, Houston *Beaumont, Miss ClaraRockdale
1894*J. Singer, Galveston *Begley, Miss MamieAustin
1895*J. Singer, Galveston *Besserer, Wm.Austin
 ***************************** *Blackshear, Mrs. L. M.Navasota
1915*Arthur L. Manchester, Dallas *Brackenridge, Mrs. J. M.Austin
1916*Arthur L. Manchester, San Antonio *Bradley, Mrs. A.Dallas
1917*Arthur L. Manchester, Austin *Breedlove, Miss AddieKyle
1918*Arthur L. Manchester, Fort Worth *Brown, Mrs. J. W.Austin
1919*E. Clyde Whitlock, Fort Worth *Brown, Mrs. M. R. Chappel Hill
1920*E. Clyde Whitlock, Marshall *Brown, Prof. J. AlleineChappel Hill
1921*Mamie Folsom Wynne, Dallas *Calnek, Miss BessieGeorgetown
1922*Mamie Folsom Wynne, San Antonio *Campbell, Mrs. FannieAustin
1923*John Bert Graham, Fort Worth *Carlisle, Miss KittieAustin
1924*Frank Lefevre Reed, Houston *Clarke Jr., HoraceCorpus Christi
1925*Sam S. Losh, Greenville *Crane, Miss J. P. Austin 
1926*Henry E. Meyer, Austin *Crooker, Mrs. L. M. Austin
1927*Henry E. 'Meyer, Denton *Culberson, Miss Emma Waco
1928*William E. Jones, Waco *Da Shiell, Miss Julia Brenham 
1929*William E. Jones, San Antonio *Da Shiell, Miss MattieBrenham 
1930*Harold Hart Todd, Dallas *Davidson, Miss Birdie Austin
1931*Harold Hart Todd, Houston *Davidson, Mrs. J. R. Austin
1932*Mrs. John Wesley Graham, Fort Worth *Donnan, Mrs. Georgie Austin 
1933*Mrs. John Wesley Graham, Galveston *Drury, Ross Forth Worth 
1934*Roxy Grove, Lubbock *Etheridge, Mrs. Kate Temple
1935*Roxy Grove, Corsicana *Foster, Miss Ida Laredo 
1936*Mary Dunn, Dallas *Franklin, Miss Cora S. San Marcos 
1937*Mary Dunn, San Antonio *Frees, Prof Henry J. Dallas 
1938*Carl Weismann, Waco *Gilbert, Mrs. H. E. Austin 
1939*Carl Weismann, Mineral Wells *Goodrich, Miss Susie Seguin 
1940*Carl Weismann, EI Paso *Goodwyn, Mrs. MaryBelton 
1941*Clyde J. Garrett, Wichita Falls *Grunewald, Mrs. L. P. Houston 
1942*Clyde J. Garrett, Fort Worth *Harding, Mrs. E. B. Austin
1943*Claude Sammis, Houston *Herzog,  Prof. G.Austin 
1944*Charles Kiker, Dallas *Hickenlooper, Mrs. J. L.Houston
1945*E. Clyde Whitlock (cancelled/war)  *Hughes, Miss Willie Brenham 
1946*E. Clyde Whitlock, Beaumont *Hutchins, Mrs. Kittie L. Taylor 
1947*E. William Doty, Amarillo *Hutchison, Mrs. M. K. Brenham 
1948*E. William Doty, San Antonio *Johnson, Miss Sallie Independence 
1949*LaRue Loftin Conlon, Austin *Jones, Miss Stella L.Dallas
1950*LaRue Loftin Conlon, Waco *Kelley, Miss Alice Longview 
1951*Archie N. Jones, Houston *Keys, Mrs. H. E. Belton 
1952*Archie N. Jones, Dallas with MTNA *Killough, Mrs. Gibbons Palestine 
1953*T. Smith McCorkle, Fort Worth *Kirby, Mrs. H. M. Austin 
1954*T. Smith McCorkle, Waco *Klotz, Prof. H. A. Austin 
1955*Roy J. Johnson, Austin *Krause,  Prof. E. W.Waco 
1956*Roy J. Johnson, Austin *Lane, Mrs. J. J. Austin 
1957*Miss Rachel Kent, Tyler *McCarty, Mrs. J. M. Hubbard City 
1958*Miss Rachel Kent, Lubbock *McKay, Mrs. Austin 
1959*Elizabeth Morris, Houston *Meyer, Phil Austin 
1960*Elizabeth Morris, Corpus Christi *Moore, Mrs. Laura J. Austin 
1961*Joseph Kirshbaum, Waco *North, J. F. Austin 
1962*Joseph Kirshbaum, Dallas *Perkins, Miss Mollie Henderson 
1963*Miss Mildred Klein, San Antonio *Phelps, Mrs. L. Columbus 
1964*Miss Mildred Klein, Brownsville *Pollock, Prof. A. M. Waco 
1965*Susan Hamman Allen, Austin (MTNA in Dallas) *Presley, Mrs. MattieBrenham 
1966*Susan Hamman Allen, Houston *Ragsdale, Prof. Milton Georgetown 
1967*Jack W. Hendrix, Fort Worth *Raymond, Miss Mary Austin 
1968*Jack W. Hendrix, Corpus Christi *Reaville, Miss Clara Chappel Hill
1969*J. Wilgus Eberly, Beaumont *Redd, Miss Lula Austin 
1970*J. Wilgus Eberly, Galveston *Robbin, Mrs. Kate Austin
1971*Donald W. Bellah, EI Paso *Robbin, Prof. J. A. Austin 
1972*Donald W. Bellah, Lubbock *Robinson, H. C. Bryan 
1973Sarah G. Kerr, San Antonio *Samostz, Oscar Austin 
1974Sarah G. Kerr, Amarillo *Shepard, Miss Blanche Austin 
1975*Kathryn A. Arvin, Houston *Shook, L. B. Lampasas 
1976*Kathryn A. Arvin, Austin, (MTNA in Dallas) *Shook, Mrs. L. B. Lampasas 
1977*Donald E. Johnson, Fort Worth *Smith, Miss Ada Austin 
1978*Donald E. Johnson, Dallas *Smythe, Mrs. Annie E. Weatherford 
1979*Janet McGaughey, Corpus Christi *South, Mrs. Mary L. Anderson 
1980*Janet McGaughey, Houston *Swearingen, Miss Birdie Austin 
1981Philelle McBrayer, NCTM, Lubbock *Swearingen, Miss Gertrude Austin
1982Philelle McBrayer, NCTM, Austin *Taliaferro, J. B. Fort Worth
1983*Andrew Mihalso, NCTM, San Antonio, (MTNA in Houston) *Thompson, Wm. Dallas
1984*Andrew Mihalso, NCTM, El Paso *Tips, WalterAustin 
1985*Jo Ann Fargason, Houston *Tivells, Mrs. L. M. Waco
1986*Jo Ann Fargason, Fort Worth *Townsend, Mrs. Cecilia Austin 
1987*Patricia Powers, NCTM, Midland¬≠/Odessa *Vicer, Miss Josie W. Austin  
1988*Patricia Powers, NCTM, Dallas *Wallace, Mrs. A. D. Richland Springs 
1989*June Leondar, NCTM, Galveston *Warner, G. P. Austin 
1990*June Leondar, NCTM, San Antonio *Wilkes, Mrs. R. B. San Saba 
1991*Ella Louise Burba, NCTM, Austin *Worthy, Mrs. A. M. Austin  
1992*Ella Louise Burba, NCTM, Richardson   
1993*Mary Loving, NCTM, Corpus Christi Honorary Members 
1994*Mary Loving, NCTM, Houston *Kenneth Bennight 
1995Melody Allen, NCTM, Lubbock *Walter Kerr1976
1996Melody Allen, NCTM, Houston *Art Feese1994
1997Joy Finley, NCTM, Waco, (MTNA in Dallas) *Joe Ince1994
1998Joy Finley, NCTM, San Antonio Maxine Fisher2000
1999Ruth Pitts, NCTM, San Antonio *Arnold Leondar2006
2000Ruth Pitts, NCTM, Austin Bill Pitts2006
2001*Ken Newsome, Houston *Dortha Bennett2007
2002*Ken Newsome, Corpus Christi Joe Frush2009
2003Celinda Hallbauer, NCTM, Arlington   
2004Celinda Hallbauer, NCTM, San Antonio   
2005Sherry Frush, NCTM, San Antonio   
2006Sherry Frush, NCTM, Grapevine, (MTNA in Austin)   
2007Susan Conner, NCTM, Grapevine   
2008Susan Conner, NCTM, Houston   
2009Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM, Houston   
2010Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM, Arlington   
2010*Diane Delk, NCTM   
2011Sharon Callahan, Arlington   
2012Sharon Callahan, Grapevine   
2013Debra Hadfield, NCTM, Grapevine   
2014Debra Hadfield, NCTM, Houston   
2015Karen Wallace, Houston   
2016Karen Wallace, Dallas   
2017Rick Valentine, Dallas, (MTNA in San Antonio)   
2018Rick Valentine, Waco   
2019Teresa Crawford, NCTM, Houston   
2020Teresa Crawford, NCTM (cancelled/pandemic)   
2021Roy Wylie, NCTM (cancelled/pandemic)   
2022Roy Wylie, NCTM, Dallas   
Past Student Affiliate Chairs and Vice Presidents of Student Activities   
1952 - 1962*Elizabeth Smith   
1962 - 1983*Elizabeth Morris   
1983 - 1986*Ella Louise Burba, NCTM   
1986 - 1988*Janie Throop, NCTM   
1988 - 1990Melody Allen, NCTM   
1990 - 1992Joy Finley, NCTM   
1992 - 1994Ruth Pitts, NCTM   
1994 - 1996Patricia Banks, NCTM   
1996 - 1998Celinda Hallbauer, NCTM   
1998 - 2000Sherry Frush, NCTM   
2000 - 2002Susan Conner, NCTM   
2002 - 2003Michael King   
2003 - 2004Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM   
2004 - 2006*Roberta Gober   
2006 - 2008*Diane Delk, NCTM   
2008 - 2010Debra Hadfield, NCTM   
2010 - 2012Karen Wallace   
2012 - 2013*Glenda Lanier, NCTM   
2013 - 2014Rick Valentine   
2014 - 2016Teresa Crawford, NCTM   
2016 - 2018Andrea Warren, NCTM   
2018 - 2020Heather Rathnau, NCTM   
2020 - 2022Beverly Ryan   
Past Vice Presidents of Business Activities   
2006 - 2009*Roberta Gober   
2009 - 2011Sharon Callahan   
2011 - 2013Lydia Bratcher, NCTM   
2013 - 2015Roy Wylie, NCTM   
2015 - 2017Michele Crawford   
2017 - 2019Fredrica Phillips   
2019 - 2021Spring Seals, NCTM  *deceased