Texas Music Teachers Association

Texas Distinguished Teacher Award

This award was established in 2014 as a way for a Local Association to bestow an honor on a teacher for dedication and enthusiasm in teaching music. Typical activities of a teacher nominated for this award might be: 

  • Giving many years to a particular program of the association
  • Developing an innovative and unique initiative in a private studio and/or the local association Supporting the local and state associations through volunteer service
  • Producing students who love to make music
  • Organizing and conducting a studio in a business-like manner
  • Teaching music with dedication and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrating high professionalism through continuing education and regular performances

To name a Texas Distinguished Teacher Award, a Local President should apply by April 1, accompanied by a contribution to the TMTA Trust Fund of $500. The honorees will each be presented a plaque, engraved with the honoree’s name and the words "Texas Distinguished Teacher," at the annual TMTA Conference.

Deadline: April 1 (Nomination form can be found on the Local President's Management Bar)

Past Winners

2019  Fredrica Phillips Plano (pictured)

2018  Maureda Travis, Fort Worth

2018  *Don Harris, Conroe and Cypress Creek

2016  *Doris Lum-Meyer, Conroe

2016  Susan Paradis, Plano

2016  Jane Sugars, Northwest Houston

2015  *Cheryl DuCoin Schneider, Conroe