Texas Music Teachers Association

TMTA SA Virtual Festivals

Deadlines: November 1 and March 15

General Information and Requirements

  1. The TMTA SA Virtual Festivals are noncompetitive performance events for solo piano, voice, and instrumental students.
  2. Students in Grade 1 through adult are eligible to participate.
  3. Student Affiliate membership is required for this activity.  There is no theory requirement. 
  4. Students may submit multiple entries.
  5. Recordings will be stopped after 15 minutes, but the student will not be penalized.
  6. Piano and voice pieces must be memorized.  Instrumental pieces do not have to be memorized. 
  7. Vocal and instrumental pieces must be accompanied by a live pianist unless the piece is written acapella.
  8. Students may not enter the same repertoire in more than one TMTA Virtual Festival. 
  9. Students will receive a critique sheet with a rating and a printable certificate.
  10. Students may earn one SA Participation point for participating in two TMTA Virtual Festivals.  The two festivals do not need to be during the same school year to earn the point.  Entering multiple submissions in a single festival does not earn additional points.   
  11. A superior rating at a TMTA SA Virtual Festival may be used to qualify for the TMTA All-Star Festival.  See the All-Star Festival portion of the TMTA Handbook for details. 

Submission Instructions

  1. Entries MUST be completed by the teacher, not the parent.
  2. You will need teacher name and email address, student name and grade, piece title and composer/arranger, recording length, a PDF score, and a video link to complete a submission.
  3. The uploaded score must be a PDF scan of an original copyright compliant score for the judges. All music must have measures numbered either by individual measures or by the system/line.
  4. The video must show the performers face, hands, fingers, and feet.  Students may introduce themselves and the piece they are playing if desired.  Students should dress nicely and be wearing shoes.  No music should be on the piano rack.  The video should be uploaded to a web application that will allow it to be viewed via a link.  TMTA recommends uploading it to YouTube and setting it as unlisted for privacy.  If you use Dropbox or Google or a similar server, please make sure you set the video so the judge will have permission to see it, and do not delete it or move it prior to being adjudicated.

Fill out the entry form prior to the deadline.

Teachers will be invoiced (an email will be sent via Quickbooks) by November 8/March 22.  Critique sheets will not be released until payment is received.  $15 (0-5 min.), $20 (5-10 min.), $25 (10-15 min.)  If you pay by credit card, you will be charged a fee of 3.5% in order to offset credit card processing costs.